Painting and Graphics Auction No. 10

Date of the: 20 October 2020.

Painting and Graphics Auction No. 10 will be held at Bidspirit.

The Leningrad School of Painting and Graphics has always attracted the attention of specialists in various fields: employees of Russian museums, art workers from different countries, collectors in Russia, Europe and the United States. Possessing its characteristic and unique style that has developed over the course of the twentieth century, the Leningrad school is perceived as one of the significant phenomena of Russian fine art.
The works presented at the auction cover a large period from the 1940s to the early 2000s, acquaint with the work of more than 100 authors, including both famous masters of painting and graphics, representatives of famous artistic dynasties, and new names, many of whose works are published for the first time.
The image and restrained color of St. Petersburg is superbly faithful in the works of Igor Vladimirovich Suvorov, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, a member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. The works of talented painters Ivan Mikhailovich Varichev, People's Artist of Russia, Tyulenev Vitaly Ivanovich, Honored Artist of the RSFSR and many others deserve special attention. The main part of the auction lots is a collection of graphics, which in the Soviet period and to this day is the hallmark of the art of Leningrad and St. Petersburg. Among the names are such masters of drawing, book graphics, author's lithography, color and black-and-white linocut, such as etching, such as Vasily Mikhailovich Zvontsov, Alexander Vladimirovich Schmidt, Alexey Ivanovich Avdyshev, Vitaly Petrovich Gubarev and many others.
The auction catalog includes more than forty works by Moscow artists of the same period: wonderful etchings by Aleksandr Yegorovich Vetrov, color prints by Nikolai Alekseevich Yezhov and Nikolai Vasilyevich Alisov, linocuts by Dmitry Afanasyevich Bryukhanov and other graphic artists.
The works presented at the current auction of the authors are already stored in private and museum collections. By participating in the new auction, you can become the owner of a unique, highly artistic, collectible work, which in itself is a part of the history of St. Petersburg.

It is sold for: 50 000 
lot 2. «Ships on the Neva», Suvorov Igor Vladimirovich.

lot 2. «Ships on the Neva»

Suvorov Igor Vladimirovich

oil on canvas, 65x84 cm, 2009

Start price: 50 000 

lot 3. «On the Fontanka», Suvorov Igor Vladimirovich.

lot 3. «On the Fontanka»

Suvorov Igor Vladimirovich

oil on canvas, 54x68 cm, 1998

Start price: 50 000 

lot 4. «Island», Zvontsov Vasily Mikhailovich.

lot 4. «Island»

Zvontsov Vasily Mikhailovich

pencil on paper, 24.5x18 cm, 1959

Start price: 7 000 

lot 6. «On Vuoksa», Zvontsov Vasily Mikhailovich.

lot 6. «On Vuoksa»

Zvontsov Vasily Mikhailovich

paper, black watercolor, 14.5x14.5 cm, 1956

Start price: 7 000 

It is sold for: 3 000 
lot 7. «Cycling», Galba Vladimir Alexandrovich.

lot 7. «Cycling»

Galba Vladimir Alexandrovich

sketch for the poster, paper, ink, gouache, 30x41 cm, 1960

Start price: 3 000 

It is sold for: 6 000 
lot 9. «Aurora in the October days», Kostrov Nikolay Ivanovich.

lot 9. «Aurora in the October days»

Kostrov Nikolay Ivanovich

lithograph, 31.5x42.5 cm, sheet: 59x45 cm, 1941

Start price: 6 000 

It is sold for: 7 500 
lot 18. «Swing», Kozmina Tatyana Andreevna.

lot 18. «Swing»

Kozmina Tatyana Andreevna

color author's lithograph, 7/25, 40x31 cm, sheet: 55x43 cm, 1988

Start price: 7 000 

lot 19. «The Magician», .

lot 19. «The Magician»


silk screen printing, 28x21.5 cm, sheet: 33.5x29.5 cm, 1992

Start price: 4 000 

lot 21. «Hall of the War of 1812», Gavrichkov Alexey Alekseevich.

lot 21. «Hall of the War of 1812»

Gavrichkov Alexey Alekseevich

etching, 3/20, 37x39 cm, sheet: 52x42 cm, 1990

Start price: 3 500 

It is sold for: 2 500 
lot 28. «Gypsophila», .

lot 28. «Gypsophila»


color author's lithograph, 38x49 cm, 49x60.5 cm, 1978

Start price: 2 500 

It is sold for: 3 000 
lot 32. «Rustic still life», Skulyari Mikhail Nikolaevich.

lot 32. «Rustic still life»

Skulyari Mikhail Nikolaevich

color lithograph, 29.5x22 cm, sheet: 42x33.5 cm, 1970s

Start price: 3 000 

It is sold for: 2 500 
lot 33. «Ice drift on the Neva», Razinkov Yuri Fedorovich.

lot 33. «Ice drift on the Neva»

Razinkov Yuri Fedorovich

color author's lithograph, 35.5x45 cm, sheet: 47x55 cm, 1991

Start price: 2 500 

It is sold for: 5 000 
lot 40. «Sketch for a poster», Galba Vladimir Alexandrovich.

lot 40. «Sketch for a poster»

Galba Vladimir Alexandrovich

paper, ink watercolor, 1958

Start price: 5 000 

It is sold for: 3 800 
lot 41. «Girl in the bathroom», Ushin Andrey Alekseevich.

lot 41. «Girl in the bathroom»

Ushin Andrey Alekseevich

linocut, 29x29 cm, sheet: 45x45 cm

Start price: 3 000 

It is sold for: 75 000 
lot 42. «Petersburg in 1921», Dobuzhinsky Mstislav Valerianovich.

lot 42. «Petersburg in 1921»

Dobuzhinsky Mstislav Valerianovich

collection of lithographs, 1923

Start price: 75 000 

lot 45. «Horses», Speranskaya Elena Sergeevna.

lot 45. «Horses»

Speranskaya Elena Sergeevna

18.5x14.5 cm, sheet: 32x25 cm

Start price: 7 000 

lot 46. «Travelers», .

lot 46. «Travelers»


silk screen printing, 17x17.5 cm, sheet: 32.5x32 cm, 1991

Start price: 3 000 

lot 47. «Mother and Child», .

lot 47. «Mother and Child»


15x14 cm, sheet: 29.5x27.5 cm

Start price: 3 000 

lot 48. «Autumn», .

lot 48. «Autumn»


26x21 cm, 38.5x32.5 cm

Start price: 3 000 

lot 49. «Sprouts», .

lot 49. «Sprouts»


silkscreen printing, 12.5x15 cm, sheet: 29.5x29.5 cm, 1991

Start price: 3 000 

It is sold for: 2 500 
 «Fairy Tale», Zabirokhin Boris Pavlovich.

«Fairy Tale»

Zabirokhin Boris Pavlovich

author's lithograph, 27x20 cm, sheet: 42x34.5 cm, 1992

Start price: 2 500 

lot 55. «Ryaba Chicken», Ovchinnikov Lev Avksentievich.

lot 55. «Ryaba Chicken»

Ovchinnikov Lev Avksentievich

lithograph, 35x39 cm, sheet: 49.5x46.5 cm

Start price: 1 500 

lot 56. «Little Red Riding Hood», Gerasimov Mikhail Mikhailovich.

lot 56. «Little Red Riding Hood»

Gerasimov Mikhail Mikhailovich

lithograph, 51x38 cm, sheet: 59.5x46.5 cm

Start price: 300 

lot 58. «Spruce», Pyasetsky Pavel Yakovlevich.

lot 58. «Spruce»

Pyasetsky Pavel Yakovlevich

watercolor on paper, 18x13, frame: 28.5x33 cm, under glass, late 19th century

Start price: 40 000